American Muslim

Some try to argue that a person cannot be a good American and a good Muslim at the same time. So we asked:

Do you see any conflict between you being a good American and a good Muslim? 

"Not at all, as an American Muslim I feel no conflict between my duties as a Muslim and as an American citizen. Islam teaches me to propagate the good and to avoid evil. American laws and values are also based on the same principle. There might be a misconception that if a Muslim forbidden from an act like Alcohol then Muslims must force that restriction on others. This is not true at all. A Muslim has no right to force his beliefs on others."


"No I don’t see the difference because politically a lot of the laws based on the Ten Commandments of the Bible. These are the very same basis that are present in the Shariah law of Islam. A lot of people don’t realize that it has the same basics such as “thou shalt not kill” or “thou shalt not steal”. It’s because of these common values that I believe I can be both a good Muslim while remaining an upstanding US citizen. This fact coupled with my upbringing, where my parents taught me to respect not only my own culture but also the culture of all the people I was surrounded by."


"Absolutely not. In fact, I would argue that by following many of the fundamental virtues of Islam, you would not only be a good Muslim but also a good American. As Muslims, we are continuously reminded of the value of compassion, mercy, and citizenship; the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) further highlight the importance of neighborly love, family values, and helping those in need––all pivotal to and consistent with the values of American culture. Growing up as an American teen myself, I have never felt that my faith has been the source of conflict with my American identity."


"If being a “good American” means to be law abiding, respectful of diversity, hardworking, pursuant of dreams and goals, civic minded, and a believer in human rights, then it’s not conflicting with being a “good Muslim.” The concept of being good is in itself universal, good is good in every place. The question in fact might be a little insulting, because it suggests that  the word “good”, when combined with Muslim, takes on a different meaning. Like good Hindus, and good Jews, and good Christians, good Muslims are good people, plain and simple."


"No, you can be good American and devoted Muslim."


"Those of us who grew up here grew up cheering for American sports team and US Olympic athletes like their fellow Americans ... just like them, we know no other home country. This IS our home and we feel just as American as anybody else here."


"Absolutely not. I personally see it the other way around, being  true Muslim makes me a better American. It makes me to love this country, always do the right thing and have a positive impact on others around me."


"No conflict at all. As Muslims we are called upon to be good neighbors and good citizens wherever we live. That means, helping, respecting and even protecting our neighbors. We are also expected to work hard and excel at whatever we do. These are all American values as well which means there is no conflict."


"I do not. Islam teaches us to abide by the rules of the land in which we live and none of the U.S. laws conflict with Islamic beliefs at that. In addition, being a good Muslim completely coincides with being a good citizen and neighbor to those around you locally and afar."


 "I do not see a conflict between the two.  Today for example is Super bowl Sunday, I like millions of Americans will be watching the game...Islam has always been a religion that is not limited to a specific country or region that’s why we have Muslims from all over the globe from Nigeria to Indonesia and in between all proud of their culture yet practicing their faith and it’s no different than being an American Muslim."


"No, I don't see any conflict between my two identities as a Muslim and as an American. In fact I think that being a good Muslim and following the teachings of the Quran and our Prophets and the qualities that our religion instills in each of us -compassion, humbleness, honesty, respect thinking of others and placing the needs of them before yourself, looking as yourself as part of a bigger picture and greater good, amongst many others- allow me and all other Muslim Americans to be beneficial, positive influences and contributors to put communities and our home in America."


"I can be good Muslim and a good American citizen basically by demonstrating with good moral character which are basic principles of human being. It starts with respect, respect others as you want to be respected.

Islam is a religion of peace and nothing in our religion is contrary to American way of life. In fact Islam requires that we obey the laws of the land and we came hear to live, so we obey the laws and yes there are some people who claim to be Muslim use their religion further their agenda just like from every religion, but any good Muslim should strongly condemn that."


"Sure I absolutely feel being an American and being a Muslim is of no conflicting identities.Being an American is living to the roles and responsibilities of what the constitution and bill of rights established. Being a Muslim is living with what Islam has outlined to us a way of life and set of values that are in spirit aligns with our American and human ideals too."


"My personal experience as a professional I see no conflict. As long as you provide service as expected and beyond you'll be equally well respected. As an individual my conduct elevates my acceptance to my neighbours and colleagues. Bottom line is your goodness will bring good to others and if you're excellent that will bring excellence to all." 


"I do not see any conflict between being American and Muslim. Being a Muslim does not stop me from being a good citizen I obey Allah and worship Him just like Christian and Jew do to their beliefs.  This does not make them unable to be a good American. Islam tells us to pray, fast, help the needy, don't drink alcohol, don't steal, don't kill innocent  people, and so on.  None of these things go against being a good American."