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"When my United Methodist congregation hosted a Q & A session with Dr. Bahloul, it was a wonderful opportunity for neighbors from different religious traditions to learn from each other.  We listened, asked questions, and found common ground.  Any community of faith would be blessed by taking part in a Q & A."

Rev. Bryan Brooks, Calvary United Methodist Church


"Dr. Ossama Bahloul provides question & answer sessions for Belmont students every semester and has done so for the past several years.  Not only does he frequently lecture on campus, he also welcomes students to the Islamic Center of Nashville where he serves as scholar in residence. This opportunity for students to have conversation with Dr. Bahloul is so beneficial for their understanding of Islam. Many of Belmont's students have never interacted with someone who is Muslim, and Dr. Bahloul provides a safe and welcoming space for students to ask questions about any topic.  He always stresses the importance of education and conversation, and Belmont's students consistently report that they have enjoyed their interaction with him."

Dr. Sally Holt, Professor of Religion, Belmont College Department of Theology and Ministry


"Dr Bahloul's knowledge, compassion, and warmth make him especially approachable to our students, many of whom have had limited exposure to traditions outside of their own religious communities. At the heart of experiential learning is the type of transformation our students experience at the Islamic Center. This process of critically examining this experience sets them on the path towards being fully engaged scholars and citizens."

Dr Rebekka King and Dr Jenna Gray-Hildenbrand, Middle Tennessee State University, Department of Philosophy and Religious Study


"Our greatest appreciation for your vision, selflessness, wisdom, great leadership, and unwavering support that lead our path to success."

Islamic Center of Murfreesboro


"Dr. Bahloul is a remarkable man—devout in his faith, grand in his intellect, and gracious in his speech. It was an honor to stand with him as he stood for religious freedom for people of all faiths."

Luke Goodrich, Esq., Deputy General Counsel for the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty


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